Collect them all. Before you die®

Sue Nami Sticker Pack® 2024

Sue Nami Sticker Pack® 2024

$ 20.00

Collect Them All Before You Die®

Just in time for the Post Apocalypse.  Brand New Armageddon-Proof Sue Nami Sticker Packs.

All New Sue Variants for 2024. A limited edition Sue Nami Sticker Pack from Zoltron

Each Pack Contains 10 Stickers, Limited to 500 Packs

  •  Sweet Sue Nami in 5 different styles, 2.75" X 4" 
  • Two of each Sue® per pack
  •  New Designs for 2024®
  •  Extremely High Quality Silkscreen by Sticker Robot
  •  Collect them all before you Die®

Note: These are not cheap digital stickers. They are extremely high quality outdoor silkscreen stickers printed by Sticker Robot.

    Most Zoltron stickers are printed once and then retired.  Collect them all before you die®