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3D Chrome Zoltron Car Stickers

3D Chrome Zoltron Car Stickers

$ 20.00

 We made some 3D Chrome Metal Zoltron Stickers for your car.

We made 100 of these. They are backed with a very aggressive, permanent 3M adhesive. 2 Ounces of raw, high-octane power. They are weather resistant and Tsunami Proof. You can put it on your 1983 Pinto like we did or you can put it on your 2021 Lambo like Kelly Fitzsimmons is gonna do. Just don't put them on cops cars. That would be terrible because they would never notice it and they would be impossible to take off.

As always.. In a pinch, all Zoltron gear can be sharpened and used to slay dinner or used as a utensil for a nice kale salad.