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Defaced 1/1 W33N

Defaced 1/1 W33N

$ 420.00

Defaced 1/1 "Whole for the Fun Family"

One-of-a-kind scrawled poster from 2018. I use these to test pens and pencils for signing. Then it soits there on the table and gets more and more fucked up. This has been in the flat file, taking up precious space. Be free, old forgotten test print.

Since today's releases are all very one-of-a-kind, please honor the one-per-person/household rule. In other words, if you score one, be stoked and let someone else score the next one.. Multiple orders will be refunded. Thank youuuuu!

  • 30" X 20"
  • Defaced Screen Print
  • 1/1 from 2018
  • Signed like 800 times in various pens
  • Good for the hamster cage