Sue Nami: Rorschach / Letterpress Hot Foil Edition

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Sue Nami: Rorschach - Letterpress Hot Foil Edition of #/200 + 2 Random Mini Prints

There are 200  8" X 10, hand-printed, hand-deckled, hot-foil-stamped, signed & numbered letterpress prints. These are high impact, beautifully printed pieces. The light catches the foil at which point the unsolicited oooooohs and ahhhhhs inevitably follow. Warning: Art may occasionally elicit subsequent consumption of pink xannies, and dancing around the apartment in all-over-print-panties.

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  • 10" X 8" Letterpress Prints
  • Edition of #/200
  • 3/C Hot foil stamping
  • Hand deckled, brilliant white cotton rag
  • Artist signed, numbered
  • Flat shipped via USPS priority
  • Hand Printed by Thea @ Kavamore Press Berekely, Ca.


Each Order Gets Two (2)  Mini Letterpress Prints (Randomly pre-packaged)

There is another edition of tiny signed 3.5" x 2.5" letterpress prints. There are nine different color ways, with editions ranging from 130 down to 6. These tiny prints are designed to drop right on top of the big letterpress prints, so you can swap out colors, depending on which you prefer. Or maybe you wanna frame them all separately. Or maybe you wanna use them as throwing stars. We were gonna include glue tabs, but you are the master of your own domain. Handle it.


  • 3.5" X 2.5" Letterpress Prints
  • Nine different color ways
  • Brilliant white cotton rag
  • Artist signed with a goddamn tiny pencil


Mini Print Editions as follows:

  1. Magenta/Cyan 130
  2. Cyan/Yellow  120
  3. Red/ White 120
  4. Blue / Cyan 100 (only available in Scratch Magazine's next issue)
  5. Cyan / Ombre Split Fountain 20
  6. Cyan / Magenta 20
  7. Black Plate 10
  8. Watercolored 10
  9. Teal / Magenta 10
  10. Magenta/Black 6


Note: You can order up to one of each version of the poster. Due to rabid flipper syndrome™ Multiple quantities of any one version will be refunded. We only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses. Please make sure your address is up to date. We can not change addresses after the order has been placed.