Collect them all. Before you die®

Lost in Time Zoltron Sticker Packs

Lost in Time Zoltron Sticker Packs

$ 15.00

Lost in Time Zoltron Sticker Packs 

12 Stickers Per Pack. Collect Them All Before You Die®

Leif is moving to Portland. And after a couple of decades, there in his garage, frozen in time, underneath his forgotten badminton set and an oversized viking helmet, sat a dusty box of Zoltron Stickers....  

Once thought to be extinct, these metallic silkscreen stickers, slathered in high gloss UV varnish, an artifact of Zoltron & Stickerobot past, have finally resurfaced and are now being unveiled and shared with the world.

We encourage peeling and sticking in the pursuit of public beautification...  Sure stash a few away in the old sticker collection, but order as many as you like and cover the town in Z... The old Z, not the new Z.... Actually Both Zs.

We are also including a brand NEW 2021 Sue Nami Sticker AND a Tiny Toddler, Totally Transfixed by Tracers Sticker. 

 • 10 Forgotten Zoltron Mustacheman Stickers

 • 1 Sue Nami Split Fountain Ponytail Sticker (Clear Vinyl)

 • 1 Tiny Toddler Sticker, Totally Transfixed by Tracers (Clear Vinyl)

•  All Extremely High Quality Silkscreen Stickers printed by the Paranormal Specialists Sticker Robot  - Always silkscreen. All the time.