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Sue Nami: Armageddon (Handbill Set of 4)

Sue Nami: Armageddon (Handbill Set of 4)

$ 150.00

We always hold back a few sets in case anything gets damaged in the mail. Our patented stellar packaging process™ resulted in very few defects, so it's looking good to release a few of these. Same price, same rules. Same odds of a chase. Preference goes to people who have not yet ordered these. In other words, if you already bought a set, your order will be refunded for anyone who has yet to order a set. Thanks for understanding, as we try to get these into the hands of people who wanna keep them! xoxo z


It's 2020 and our Sacred Lady of Apocalyptic Turbulence joins us once again, just as lovely as ever, this time with a little more wear and tear under her belt.

Serigraph Edition 
10" X 8"
Limited edition
Artist signed

This is for a Set of 4
Main Edition
Red Skin Edition
White Foil Edition
Gobstopper Edition

Hand Printed at Monolith Press, Alameda

The Chase...

There is a chance your set will contain an extra print. There is a very small edition of 5 prints on black parchment. Those were our translucent white ink test prints. They are signed, embossed and numbered #/5. Each is uniquely splattered with extra ink. Those 5 will be randomly inserted into 5 sets.

There are also 5 from the main edition that were embossed and doodled with Little Sue Namis. Those will also be randomly inserted into sets. So 10 random sets will contain a bonus print, either the black edition or the doodled edition.