Collect them all. Before you die®

Zoltron Public Space Enhancement Kits

Zoltron Public Space Enhancement Kits

$ 20.00

Collect Them All Before You Die®

Designed to enhance otherwise mundane public spaces. Brand New 2024 Zoltron Sticker Packs.

A 2024 limited edition Sticker Pack collaboration from Zoltron & Liminal Trading Co.

Each Pack Contains 10 Stickers, Limited to 500 Packs

Clear Vinyl Stickers - 2.5" X 2.5" - 4.25" X 3"

  • 2  Mind Activated Gas Pump Sticker
  • 2 Mind Activated Soap Dispenser Sticker
  • 2 Warning / Security / Protection Sticker
  • 2 "We Accept Zoltron" Window Decal
  • 2 Clear Zoltron Script Logo Sticker
 Note: These are not cheap digital stickers. They are extremely high quality outdoor silkscreen stickers printed by Sticker Robot.

    Zoltron stickers are printed once and then retired.  Collect them all before you die®