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(3) Zoltron Tarot Handbills - Oakland, Ca. 2015

(3) Zoltron Tarot Handbills - Oakland, Ca. 2015

$ 100.00

Three (3) - 12" x 7 " silkscreen handbills per order. Each order will receive a main edition Zoltron Tarot Handbill and 2 random variant handbills. Each order is guaranteed a Zoltron main edition print plus 2 random variants in any combination -  Zoltron or Puscifer in Red Onyx, Black Onyx or Rainbow Foil. They are signed, un-numbered, pre-packed and random. See photos for an example of what your package may contain.

So let's see here... Backtracking a little bit. In 2015 I curated a poster series for Puscifer. For my show in Oakland, I created a poster based on The Devil card from the Rider Tarot Deck, as Queen B.

We printed a Puscifer and Zoltron handbill at the same time as the main prints. These were never sold. Each poster at the show contained a Puscifer handbill. And each variant I sold, contained the corresponding Zoltron version of the poster. (Ie. Red variants received a red handbill and so on)

Original printing. It's time to set Queen B loose. Limited quantities.

12" X 7"

Screen print

Signed by Zoltron 

Flat shipped