Collect them all. Before you die®

Lost in Time Mustache Man Stickers

Lost in Time Mustache Man Stickers

$ 10.00

Lost in Time Mustache Man Stickers

10 Stickers. Collect Them All Before You Die®

Leif is moving to Portland. And after a couple of decades, there in his garage, frozen in time, underneath his forgotten badminton set and an oversized viking helmet, sat a dusty box of Zoltron Stickers....  

Once thought to be extinct, these metallic silkscreen stickers, slathered in high gloss UV varnish, an artifact of Zoltron & Stickerobot past, have finally resurfaced and are now being unveiled and shared with the world.

We encourage peeling and sticking in the pursuit of public beautification...  Sure stash a few away in the old sticker collection, but order as many as you like and cover the town in Z... The old Z.

 • 10 Forgotten Zoltron Mustacheman Stickers

•  Extreme High Quality Silkscreen Stickers printed by the Facially Groomed Masters at  Sticker Robot  - Always silkscreen. All the time.